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Costa Del Mar Fluid Interchangeable-Lens Sunglasses
by Costa Del Mar
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Each pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses features 100 protection from UV A, B, and C rays, 100 polarization, water-repellent coating, and anti-reflective coating. Lenses are constructed from lightweight, durable polycarbonate. Manufacturer's lifetime warranty. ,,,,These uniquely styled, lightweight sunglasses feature a revolutionary, performance-enhancing design. Extremely durable and heat-resistant. Includes 3 pair of interchangeable lenses, in Amber, Gray, and Vermillion. Black frame. ,,,, How to choose your Costa Del Mar lenses ,,Heighten your visual acuity with a lens color that matches your outside conditions ,, Gray for maximum glare reduction in intense sunlight ,, Amber for low light, haze and fog ,, Vermillion for best visual acuity -- great for sight fishing

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