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Main Dishes / Camping Recipes

Friendship Eggs
Tri-Pod Quesadillas
Super Easy Pizza!
Chicken-Rice Tortilla
Campfire Sausage and Beans
Chili "Dump"
Campers Pizza Pie
Turkey Tacos
Chill Mac
Johnny Cakes
Grilled Applesauce Sandwiches
Hobo Dinner
Chewonki Chili
Mountain Man Sandwich
Pork Tenderloin With Apples
Chicken In a Can
Baked Macaroni with Cheese
Spicy Spanish Rice
Mississippi Pulled BBQ
Spam Recipe
Chicken Cacciatore (Chicken, Hunter's Style)
Breakfast Burrito's
Cream Cheese Chicken
Campfire Tacos
Chicken Quesadillas
Coffee Can Cookery
Bourbon Pork (or Lamb) Chops
Cubed Steak in Mushroom Sauce
Spanish Rice
Campfire Potatoes
Fish Fry
Hunter Style Chicken
Cream Cheese Chicken
Marinated Steak and Vegetables
Rock 'N' Roll Chicken
Impress Your Friends Chicken
Cubed Steak in Mushroom Sauce
Pizza Tonkas
BBQ Chicken Tacos
Chicken Enchiladas
Gold Miner's Packs
Salomon Melt
Hobo Stew
Mexican Lasagna
Chicken Enchilida
Spanish (Spain) Tortilla
Mexican/Rice Surprise
Hot Dog Jubilee
Frito Taco Salad
Chicken, Vegetable and Pasta Stir Thru
Hamburger Egg
Back-Country Taco's
Breakfast Burrito's
Aunt ant Bettys chilie
A+ Omelete In A Bag
Breakfast Lasagne
Easy baggie Build-Yer-Own Omelet
Campfire Surprise
Maple Galzed Salmon Fillets
Campfire Cornish Hens
Pasta with Sausage, Basil and Mustard

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