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Hamburger Surprise
Our Lemon Chicken
Camp-Fire Stew
Hot Dog Surprise
Foiled Burgers
Chicken B-B-Q with Veggies
Pork Chop Pockets
Hobo Dinners
Steak Dinner
Hobo Burgers
Foil Bag Surprise
Hot Subs
Fish in Foil
Camping Pack
Ham Hobo Dinner
Three-Rock Chicken
Foiled Chicken
Campfire Pizza
Whole Turkey on the Open Fire!
Great No Fuss Brisket
Potato Package
Burgers in Foil
Juicy Lime Chicken
Hobo Ham Dinner
Foil Favorites
Easy Camp Hamburger and Vegetable Foil
"Fishy" foil dinner
Smoked Fish Wrap
Creek Taters or Cabbage

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