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Kelty Crestone 2 Footprint
by Kelty
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Designed to protect your tent floor from abuse, the Kelty Crestone 2 Footprint will dramatically extend the life of your tent.
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On Sale. Kelty Crestone 2 Footprint (Spring 2010) The Crestone 2 Footprint by Kelty is a great accessory for your Crestone 2 tent. Made from coated nylon footprint, used underneath your Kelty Crestone 2 Footprint tent, protects its floor from abrasion and wear. The Crestone 2 Footprint is made specifially for your tent, meaning it will be slightly smaller than tent floor, allowing for water to drain outward, preventing pooling directly under the tent. Always fluff your duff (the grass under your tent) before leaving. FEATURES of the Crestone 2 Footprint by Kelty Made from tough, 1800mm PU coated nylon taffeta to protect your tent's floor Custom shape fits within outline of tent floor Multi-purpose mesh storage sack included SPECIFICATIONS: Weight: 7 oz / 0.2 kg Dimensions: 98in. / 226 cm Length; 38in. / 96 cm Width Materials: Footprint Material 1800mm PU Nylon Taffeta